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Sefer Otzrot Chayim

Tunisia, 1913

Vital, Hayyim ben Joseph (1542-1620)

$ 240



Sefer Vezot Liy'hudah

Cairo, 1937

Yehuda Chayim Hacohen Musaltun




Sefer Ahavat Olam

Jerusalem, 1900



A book that contains beautiful and inspiring commentaries on the parashiyot based on gematriot.


Sefer Keter Torah

Jerusalem, 1896

Pinhas ben Yehuda (1746-1823)


This inspiring book on the teachings of the Torah was written by Pinhas ben Yehuda, the Maguid of Polotzk. It was printed in 1896 by Hotzaat Yaakov Klain in the Holy City of Jerusalem.


Torat Lashon Ivrit

Prague, 1832

Cohen, Shalom ben Jacob (1772-1845)


This book comes bound together with Siftei Yeshanim, the next title in this list. The price of $160 is for BOTH books together.


Siftei Yeshanim

Prague, 1828

Mayer, Wolf


This book comes bound together with Torat Lashon Ivrit, the previous title in this list. The price of $160 is for BOTH books together.


Sefer Simchat Ha-Nefesh

Warsaw, 1848

Elhanan Hendel ben Benjamin Wolf Kirchhan


Edited by Tzvi Yaakov Bamberg.


Sefer Orchot Tzadikim

Zolkeva, 1838





Sefer Mechir Yayin

Zolkeva, 1838

Ilaa, Aryeh Tzvi




Sefer Avkat Rochel

Warsaw, 1876 ?

Machir of Toledo (14th century)




Sefer Devash Le-Fi

Lemberg, 1864

Azulai, Hayyim Joseph David (1724-1806)




Sefer Machatzit Hashekel al Hilchot Nidah

Zitomir, 1871

Kolin, Samuel ben Nathan, ha-Levi (d. 1806)


Special edition of this classic work, done in Zitomir.


Sefer Olelot Efraim al Hilchot Birkat Hapeirot

Levov, 1886

Margolioth, Ephraim Zalman ben Menahem Mannes (1760-1828)




Pirkei Rabi Eliezer

Lemberg, 1860

Ascribed to Eliezer ben Hyrcanus




Sefer Kedushat Levi al HaTorah

Lemberg, 1864

Levi Isaac ben Meir, of Berdichev (1740-1809)




Chaye Moharan

Lemberg, 1874

Nahman, of Bratslav (1772-1811)




Kiryah Neemana Sefer Ezra




An excellent edition of the book of Ezra with traditional commentaries and an Yiddish rendition.


Seder Purim

Rodelheim, 1901





Erech Ha-Tefilot lechol Moadei Hashanah

Paris, 1852

Edited, annotated and transalted into French by Elchanan Durlacher (1818-1889)


Beautifully illustrated. It contains two parts. To the right we reproduce the title page of the second part.


Shulchan Aruch Orach Chayim

Zitomir, 1850



Two-volume edition of the Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chayim (First Part and Second Part). This much sought-after edition was published by the well-known Zitomir publishers Hananya, Arueh Leib and Yehoshua Heschel Shapira.


Sidur Sefat Emeth

Rodelheim, 1938



Prayerbook printed in Frankfurt am Main in 1938, immediately prior to World War II. It contains inside two speacial seals. The first one from the Bureau des Sessurs auw Refugies, and the second from the "Cuisine de Réfugiés" in Laussane.


Pirkei Avot

Buenos Aires,1936

Yekutiel Weiss, ed.




Kevod Ha-Torah Be-Argentina

Poland, 1926

Yosef Shlomo Mazal


A very unique book in Hebrew about the Jewish community of Argentina publiched in Poland in 1927.


Taam Zekenim

Frankfurt am Main, 1854

Eliezer Ashkenazi




Maarechet Hadomam

Lipsia, 1869

Yehoshua Sidkin


A Hebrew treatise on minerology.


Bet Israel/Fur Das Judische Haus

Frankfurt am Main, 1922











Lexicon Hebraicum & Chaldaicum

Basileae, 1710

Johannis Buxtorfi




Netzach Israel

Chicago, 1897

Zeev ben Tuviah Shor


173 pages.


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